#1789 – woke up with a whoosh

i was napping after coming back home from seeing the not-blimp, and suddenly i heard a WHOOSH!

i tossed on my shoes and grabbed my camera again and my monocular (it’s like a telescope – only one eye-hole – but it twists like a binocular, so just imagine a binocular cut in half, haha. actually, it looks just like H on this page…) and ran across the street to the football stadium parking lot and watched the jets from there. i tried to take some pictures with my camera, but for the most part the planes were too far away – i tried to take pictures of the ones that came real close and buzzed the house, but my camera couldn’t focus fast enough so i either got shots of where they were just a split-second ago (meaning no airplane in shot ;_;) or it was as they just departed (meaning they weren’t as big and they were going in the opposite direction -_-;;). so, after a while, i got the idea of using my monocular as a poor-man’s zoom lens (my camera can only zoom up to 2.5x). i just held my camera up to the eyepiece and took pictures like that.

here’s the pictures that i took of the planes.

as for how well the monocular worked for taking pictures (such as this one), here’s an example of a far away shot vs. a near shot. (the people are about halfway between the courthouse and the water-tower… if you look at the bright blue car behind the dumpster, and see the jeep past the nose of that car, that’s the same jeep in both pictures.)