#1783 – bwi trail

so i went for a walk around the bwi trial. walked ALL of it. 11 miles in 3.5 hours. ^_^v

i took pictures of cool stuff i saw on my trip, too… stuff that i wasn’t able to get a picture of was a commuter plane in pan-am (!) colors, and some military business-sized jet that was in the general aviation area. i would have pictures of those if i noticed the first plane coming beforehand, and if the 2nd plane wouldn’t have needed me to stand next to the general aviation fence and take pictures and generally look like a suspicious character. ^^;

i’m pleased with myself, and i know that my legs will be KILLING me tomorrow.

i also stopped by chesapeake proflight (you’re not missing much if you don’t click their link ^_^;) at the general aviation complex to see about taking flight lessons and picked up a brochure there.

(the general aviation complex is, for lack of a better term, CUTE. ;_;v it’s got a little waiting room, a desk to rent cars from, a guy selling ice cream from a stand inside, and to get onto the apron and to the planes you pass by a little desk with a guard sitting at it to check id before going out the back door. ^_^;;)

so anyway i walked the trail, and near the end i got a call saying that we all were going out to dinner (at adam’s, the place for “RIBS”… really, that’s what their sign says… with “RIBS” in quotes, it makes me think that they should have called them “so-called RIBS” instead, haha) for mom and dad’s anniversary. i got home, left my camera here, and then we drove off to eat.

what did i see at a local airport here on the way? THE FREAKIN’ GOODYEAR BLIMP! sheesh. and me without my camera. ^^; maybe tomorrow kelly and i will go there to see if we can see it again… ^_^;

so we had good food, and now we’re back home. yay.

anyone else been having with livejournal loading in the past few days? ^^;