#1782 – nice day

at risk of sounding like an old lady about to get conned out of all her money, i do have to say that that was the nicest sounding telemarketer that ever called. he was so nice, in fact, that i forgot about my idea – i figure that learning japanese is good for more things besides the obvious going to japan and/or talking to japanese people, so i figured that when telemarketers call i could just start jabbering away in japanese (it doesn’t even have to be correct sentences, haha) and see what they do XD also, last night i read the first few chapters in “dave barry does japan” (stueypark got it for me, wouldn’t you know?), and it is HILARIOUS. bingo. (or “pin-pon”, haha). right on the mark. almost goes as far as talking about corn soup. but in any case, it’s a very funny book, go and read! i’ll have to recommend it when i give a presentation in the japanese modern culture class, haha…

but anyway…

it’s a FANTASTIC day outside. so, i’m going to get gas for the car, and do what i planned to do – go for a walk around part/all of the bwi bike trail. whee!

*realizes that typing that up is like putting a big sign saying **ATTENTION STALKERS! GLENN WILL BE AT X PLACE AT Y TIME** ^_^;*

and then afterwards i’ll come back here and finish up that poll. REALLY. ^_^;