#1777 – the matrix

went to see the matrix today with zenmetsu and bruno_boy and spelchec and somelady and reaver_of_rolls… was pretty fun. dave and i tapped our noses at the guy taking tickets as if we were con artists in on a secret, but he didn’t let on. oh well. XD

now some people say that the film had little plot / no story. well, they were kinda wrong… i figured that while this one had little plot compared to the original, what little plot it had was INCREDIBLY complex.

my thoughts on various scenes:

agent smith run-in beat-em-up:

– cool at first, but seemed to get a bit out of place after a while. i thought that while most of the slow-mo bullet-time effects were well-placed, a few were just random and didn’t work well.

the keymaker:

spelchec and i started whispering “ZOOL!” and “keymaster!” and hummed the theme to ghostbusters when he was mentioned, haha… i liked the character, though, too bad he bought the farm…

car chase:


morpheus using sword on suv at end of car chase:

– i thought that he did a bad impression of goemon from lupin the 3rd… XD

beginning of tunneling into zion:

– i thought of teenage mutant ninja turtles when they showed the machines that did the tunneling… reminded me of those transports they used to get to the technodrome, hahaha…

overall i thought that the movie deserved:

plot: 3/5

action: 5/5

comedy: 3/5 (*facepalm* shouldn’t have been that high, but some parts couldn’t have been taken seriously…)

i still can’t believe the movie trailers they showed beforehand… especially:

freddy vs. jason

terminator 3

more people laughed for the freddy vs jason one than for “finding nemo” XD;

personally, i want to see the italian job (‘cos i like edward norton and getawaycrime things… and mini coopers) and the last samurai (‘cos it reminds me of shogun)

afterwards we wandered around the mall… dan and i found these pants in hot topic that would be PERFECT for my idea of a “black heaven” costume… they’re pleather and on clearance for only $14. too bad i don’t have $14. 😛 good thing i start my job at the bookstore on the 27th, and hope they won’t sell out by then… but since dan said he saw them there a while ago i don’t think they’re fast-moving stock… ^^;

i don’t think i’ll go to the open house at andrews air force base tomorrow, as it’s supposed to be 50° and rainy and cloudy, and i don’t think that’d be fun. at least the blue angels are going to be flying in town this week… the naval academy here has their graduation later in the week, so the blue angels do acrobatics… one day they practice, next is the actual show, and they do a flyover for the graduation which is held at the naval academy football stadium right across the street from my house ^_^ sometimes they’re so low to the ground sometime that you can make out all of the features on the pilot’s face as he flies over ^__^

in any case, i’ve got a headache, so i’ll probably head off to bed soon… heh… ^_^;