#1776 – geek badasses

andy_i: Like, suppose I’m walking from the MIT Press Bookstore through Kendall Square to get some seafood before attending an open panel on the ghastly implications of Microsoft’s upcoming NGSCBY initiative. Maybe I’ve even unholstered my WiFi PDA and am checking some message boards as I go. Well, obviously it’s not the sort of sight that causes men to want to be me and women to want to be with me. But what if we add one of those soundtracks that starts wockachakkawockachakkawockachakka and then a singer comes in with

Don’t go and judge him ‘cuz youuuu don’t know

Just how faaaaar a geek can go

When you START on the BAAAAD siiiide of a labor of love

And wiiiind up with Hell belooow and MOOOORE Hell above

Yeeeeeahhh! his BACK’S against the WALL-all-all and his code is due!

The kernel panics…but the mannnn…he’s cooool…

(Etc.) ?

Now that’s pure Tabasco. Particularly if you imagine that I’m being filmed with a telephoto lens and the camera is being slightly overcranked while all of this is going on. Plus, the MIT campus should have a flaming garbage can on every other street corner.



i had to put on the theme to “shaft” when i typed this up XD

tonight i took anne’s computer (used to be my grandfather’s before he upgraded) and i installed an ethernet card in it and got it all up and working with our network, so when kelly and i go off to school and take our computers with us, we can just take anne’s computer and plug it in to the network in the den and it can access the internet too and we won’t have to do much configuration if at all. we pay for two IPs for our network, so why not take advantage of that?

bad thing: her monitor died (i turned it on and it turned off and refused to turn on at all after that), but i think it’s still within its first year so that means everything but the cost of mailing it in to their fix-it place is covered. we just need to mail it in. ^^;

i think after the fall/winter/spring when kelly and i come back home i may look into getting the proper airport hardware installed in our computers (since 3 out of 4 of our computers can work with that, just need to add the network cards in). then kelly and i could keep our computers elsewhere in the house, the family’s computer can stay in the den and use the airport, and anne’s computer can stay wired in. that way using internet sharing via the base station the three airport-capable computers would be on their own subnet using 1 IP and anne’s can use the other IP.

*geeks out* networks are fun. ^_^

apparently one of the air france concordes (F-BVFA, specifically) is going to be arriving at IAD (that’s dulles airport in virginia) on june 12. i have work that morning and class until early afternoon… HOPEFULLY if i can, and if it’s arriving late enough in the day, i SO WANT TO HEAD DOWN THERE to see it land. <3 ;_; i'm betting that every planespotter and any aviation fan worth their salt on the east coast will try to make it there, haha... ^_^; maybe i'll see if i can take that day off of work and play hooky from school... XD hm... there's no cutesy term for getting all excited about planes... nothing on par with "geeks out"... hm... ^_^; *is just plane excited* XDD;;;