#1774 – take a fall

my right leg is killing me – i was walking to my computer programming exam yesterday (this happened just before i sent my messages to you before my exam started, shoujonomori…), and i was walking by the construction entrance for a new building they’re putting up on campus. you know how construction sites usually have these big chunky rocks they use as gravel and put down as “roads” to keep the areas that all the equipment drive across while building to keep from turning to mud while they work on stuff? well, i was walking across the construction entrance, and i stepped on these rocks and i guess they were on the street itself, so when i stepped on them i slipped and fell to the right and hit the ground pretty hard.

it could have been a lot worse, i suppose… no bones broken, nothing bleeding bad, etc., but i twisted my right leg when i fell (the front of my right knee took the most of the impact, and my right leg as a whole took almost all of the impact, it looks like. it twisted my leg, though, so my knee hurts like hell to walk, and i have to limp around everywhere. 😛

adecco called me up this morning to say that they had a one-day job for me tomorrow, working 3 pm – midnight at a historic inn here in annapolis folding napkins and getting stuff ready since the naval academy has their commencement this coming week. i told them i already had a prior engagement, though… already bought my ticket to see the matrix tomorrow with bruno_boy and zenmetsu and a few other folks too. i could have used the money (($8 * 9 hours) – taxes), but oh well. i told them that i should be free most/all of this coming week if they found anything for me then.

mom asked me if i wanted to come with her to do grocery shopping… i told her that my leg still hurts when i walk around, so i didn’t really want to go, but she said she’d give me money too… i don’t really want to be walking around on this leg since it hurts, but again, i could use some extra cash. she also gave me the option of ironing clothes, but ironing is no fun 😛

i dunno what i’ll do… maybe i’ll go…