#1770 – blah

i’m in a really blah mood right now. i’ve been wanting to update with more than i’ve been posting, but either haven’t had time to, or wasn’t in the mood to post… but mostly didn’t have time to. at least after tomorrow afternoon i’ll be done with school for the semester.

i had two exams yesterday (my ifsm 310 – software/hardware concepts and phys 101 – introduction to physics classes). the ifsm exam was decent… pretty short, only two pages both front and back, and no essays. i wasn’t quite sure about how i did on it because half of the questions i knew easily and the other half i didn’t know that well, but i managed to putter my way through it. my professor put our grades for the semester up on the website today and i saw i got a C in the class. i figured it would either be that or a low B considering how i did on a few exams (i did great on the reports, though). i only needed a C or better to continue on to the other courses.

this morning i dropped kelly off at her school so she could take one of her final exams, and then i went to umbc where i found a couch in the commuter lounge and fell asleep for about 3 hours listening to my music. woke up around 12:30 and went up to the fraternity apartment to tell them that i won’t be joining in in watching the first matrix movie there tonight and won’t be going with them to see the matrix at the movies tonight either, since not only do i have 2 exams tomorrow (physics and programming), but i also have practically no money at all. (my bank account was overdrawn by $2, and so the bank charged me an extra $30 for insufficient funds. i deposited $40 in there today from selling my books back to the bookstore, and so now i’ve got $8.33 in there and $11 in my wallet ^^;;).

after giving them the heads up, and talking with jared (another brother) and lauren (my date i took to white rose), helping out lauren #3 with tossing out some boxes (girlfriend of patrick, another brother), and saying hi to some girls in alpha sigma alpha, i went to get kelly from her school. they were doing some practice for some event, so she wasn’t ready yet, so i sat in the car and listened to my songs and read “a brief history of time” by stephen hawking.

kelly got out, so we went to towson town center so she could try out some of the macs in the apple store hands-on to see if there was one she liked the design of better than the others, but she decided that she still liked the emac. mom says now that we can order the computer as soon as kelly cleans up the family computer desk. wish she’d hurry up and clean it up… new computers are so much fun, even if they aren’t for me. XD; i told mom that i’d be jealous, though, since kelly’s computer is going to be more than twice as fast as my dinky ‘ol computer… they didn’t believe me, since the emac was so cute, lol. ^^;; mom said though that if i got straight A’s this semester then she’d buy me a new computer… NOW she tells me, after i already see that i won’t be getting an A in my ifsm 310 course – oh well. ^_^;;;

last night i send in feedback to apple with ideas of how to improve itunes and the ipod…

#1. Perhaps an option could be added to the iTunes sharing ability allowing the host of shared files to specify a maximum number of people to be connected at once (up to 5 connected users, of course)? Then users can tweak the sharing abilities of their host to their specific connection (or even have a preference in the Sharing panel to choose what speed of connection the user has and configure the number based on that?).

#2. It would also be nice to have the ability to chat with those connected to an iTunes stream, either one on one or as an entire chatroom for that host. Currently I put my iChat username in the name of my server, but it would be fantastic to have a method using Rendezvous to automatically connect anyone who connects to the sharing host at the same time that they have iChat open to be automatically discovered by the host and vice/versa.

#3. I’ve also seen that the iTunes playlists that are shared don’t include information like the number of times a song has been listened to. This would be great to have added, as often people sharing their playlists have included a smart playlist (sorted by number of times listened to), and this would enable connecting users to see and hear for themselves the most popular songs that the host has listened to.

#4. Some sort of log should be built into iTunes so the host can see who has been connecting (listing IP address? or perhaps iChat login username if #2 were to be implemented?), and what particular songs they have been listening to since they connected. Perhaps (as an extension of #3) this option could be implemented as a new playlist – “Recently Shared Songs” and “Most Popular Shared Songs” would be excellent examples of smart playlists that could be created, and this would be done in part by using new smart playlist tags that could be called “Last Shared” (similar in function to the “Last Played” tag), a “Times Shared” (similar to the “Play Count” tag), and “most/least recently shared” / “most/least often shared” added to the playlist limiter.

Basically these playlists could be created by using something like:

Recently Shared Songs =

Match [all] of the following conditions

[Last Shared] [is in the last] [1] [days]

(x) Live updating

Most Popular Shared Songs =

Match [all] of the following conditions

[Times Shared] [is greater than] [1]

(x) Limit to [100] [songs] selected by [most recently shared]

(x) Live updating

These playlists could either be shared or not by the host… in fact, if this sort of option were to be added, this could serve as part of the the log system by itself (allowing the host to basically create their own style logs), and just have an window showing user accesses. Another method that would include the user info of who accessed that particular song within the playlist itself can be done by having the client user info as an option to be listed in the playlist, but not sent to the clients (just as the Play Count and Last Played options are handled now). Not extremely necessary, but would be very nice for people to see just who’s been doing what on the server.

#5. An OR choice should be put into the smart playlist dialog.

Thanks for the consideration!

– Glenn Fitzpatrick

wonder if they’ll be implemented… they did use my idea of smart playlists (hey, i suggested it, so it was in part my idea, haha).

yesterday i was talking with bruno_boy and for some reason we started talking about the popemobile.

dave: “POPEMOBILE??”

me: “yeah… *explains that it was made b/c some guy once tried to assassinate the pope*”

later at 4 pm when i got my text messaege about this day in history…

dave: “what’s it say?”

me: O_o;;

dave: “what?”

me: “well, speaking of assassinating the pope, today’s the 22nd anniversary of that guy trying to assassinate the pope…” o_o;

i guess that’s about it for now… still kinda pooped… heh…