#1764 – work work work

4 (maybe 5) exams / 1 report / 1 programming project (if i feel like it for extra credit) due between now and thursday.

it was 2 projects, but one was due at midnight. i got it working properly, but they wanted us to pass arrays to functions and i couldn’t get that to work properly at all, so no functions for me. oh well. considering i have a 98.25% in the class (and the possibility of doing this extra-credit project), i don’t think i’m really hurting for good grades right now XD *glees at his grades compared to class averages*

i’m working on a report for my ifsm software/hardware concepts class right now. that’s due tomorrow. we were supposed to be working on it for almost the entire semester. yay procrastination (and pro-cras-tina-ting too)! basically it’s just designing a system / finding appropriate software for an architect / accountant / home user, and each has a $2500 budget to stay under. i’ve got everything researched out now, and i just have to write the paper.

so tomorrow:

IFSM 310 – turn in report

IFSM 310 – exam

PHYS 101 – exam

CMSC 104 – exam(?)


no classes


PHYS 101 – final

CMSC – project due

CMSC – final

whee… *goes back to working*