#1763 – drinking out of my boot

i just realized that a bagel i put in the microwave like 3 hours ago is still in there… o_o;;;

*gets his bagel*

i was feeling really silly earlier so i decided to drink out of my boot…

thepfhitz: *giggle* i should drink out of my boot!! XD

thepfhitz: *finds coke to pour into his boot to drink* XDDDDDDD

corellianroguex: o_o

corellianroguex: are you drunk?

thepfhitz: lol, nope – dad did let me have some wine with dinner since he says i’m “close enough” to 21

thepfhitz: but i’m still going to drink out of my boot XDDD

thepfhitz: *pours coke into his boot* XDDDDD

thepfhitz: now to get my sister to take a picture XDDD

thepfhitz: *got two pics*


corellianroguex: why are you doing it?!

thepfhitz: why not? XD

see? i drank out of my boot!!