#1762 – spy dream

last night i had a craazy dream: i was a secret agent spy who was on a spaceship/airplane sort of thing XD

at one part i was in a classroom with my physics teacher who gives out candy giving a lecture, and i’m sitting at a desk next to an open window, and i gotta escape badguys or something. so i roll out of my chair and out the window and run away.

and each time i got in the spaceship you had to get in a door at the back (like an airplane door, flush with the outside of the ship) and sit in a chair that was in a long line of chairs and hit a button and a conveyer belt carried you in your chair to the front, and i had two copilots or something (one i know was a lady, the other one i don’t remember at all), and we were flying around a parking garage or subway or something. later in the dream we tried to fly down the street to some new parking garage or subway station or something (whatever it was it was underground, and called “brass something-or-other”… we had seen it before, but now the second word in the name had changed and it was remodeled and the entrance to the parking garage or whatever was blocked up and now it was all nice and fancy on the inside), we lost the coworker i don’t know much about. so the other copilot said for me to go in to this place that replace the garage/subway and not come out until i found them

just my luck for me it was a brothel XD being a secret agent spy sure has tough times XDD

so this girl that looked like one girl i worked with when i was at tower records back in the day came over and talked with me, and then she got up to get something, and next thing i know i’m on a rocket-powered couch flying around downtown in some big city (looked like downtown dc, but who knows where it was) trying to keep from falling off and i was either chasing or was being chased by some bad guy, but i evaded them

then out of nowhere the girl that looked like the girl from tower walks up wearing a different outfit (don’t remember what she had on before, but the second time i saw her she was wearing this blue shirt and long white skirt and sits down and starts kissing me, and just as she started to kiss me i thought something along the lines of “some girls are just so nice… this is the life… it’s great to be a secret agent… etc.”

but right then i woke up. 😛