#1759 – white rose pics

got my pics of our formal up online now. ^_^

lots of fun. ^-^ people asked me if i was drunk, and when i said i hadn’t had anything to drink they said that sometime they’ll have to get me drunk to see how crazy i’ll act then. XD my legs are sore now, but oh well. my dancing was top-rate, and i even worked in the moves for “ALE JAPAN” into “lady marmalade” which wowed everyone and they thought i made that up myself, hehehehe. got to meet phi delta 1, founding member ted van hessen… he’s pretty cool ^_^

they also told me that they thought the email about ants i sent out the other day was hilarious and wondered where in the world i come up with stuff like that, hehe…

and now it’s bedtime for me… yes…