#1754 – the circus, but those aren't balloons to blow into animal shapes…

the circus is coming into town tonight – they actually set up not far from my house in part of the football stadium parking lot across the street. but, first, they must get to where they’re going to set up. this involves all of the circus vans and trucks to go on the street right next to my house, and so all night long they keep us awake by changing their gears while going over our hill. 😛 stueypark suggested that we take an airhorn over to the circus late at night and keep them awake sometime. XD

we had a FRED (that’s a “fraternity education session” for you non-greek types) on monday about STDs, and the guy who did it passed out condoms to everyone afterwards. he said they were “treats” so one guy asked “are they condom-mints?” *rimshot* anyway, now i’ve got 6 condoms… what am i going to do with 6 condoms?? (shaddup to you wiseguys who’re going to say “you’re supposed to put them on your knick-knacks, dummy!”). i mean, heck, for me, 6 is like a lifetime supply, especially since in the first place i’ve never needed to use 1 😛

they gave me 4, and afterwards one guy split his four between myself and another guy (i guess he already had a bunch? lol), so that’s how i got 6. in any case, at least that gave him a chance to point out what types feel like they burn, which is um, great, i guess, but, i dunno, it reminds me of visiting pete one time…

pete: “here, want some of these chips?”

me: “cool, thanks!”

pete: “yeah, you can keep ’em… they give me the runs something awful…”

me: “uh, nevermind… i’m not hungry anymore…” 😛

so, that’s how i’m now in posession of 6 condoms, which i don’t foresee using anytime soon. -_-;;

doesn’t stop me from being horny, though… XD