#1753 – school schedule

so i get my school schedule all made up now. the legacy of the t/w/th classes lives on and improves to t/th classes! so now this means m/w/f/s/su off!

so now i’ve got:

musc 217 – history of rock ‘n roll, 1950s – present

arch 340 – cities of the past

cmsc 201 – computer programming i for majors

math 151 – calculus

with labs for the cmsc and the math classes on alternate days (otherwise tuesday would be bare-bones and thursday would be straight classes from 11:30 – 8:20 😛

and why am i taking an archaeology class? because i needed an arts/humanities course, and the rock and roll class made up for that, but i was still one credit short of 12. so, for that extra credit, i poked around to find ANYTHING that might be interesting.

now, since i ended up sleeping through my first class (dad woke me up at 2 – i was sleeping on the couch… usually there’s enough of a ruckus in there in the morning that i know when to get up… i guess they forgot to make their ruckus this morning, then… ^_^;;;;), it’s time to go to school… ^_^;;;

and when i take that archaeology class, i MUST wear my indy hat to class XDDDD