#1751 – the conet project

“Basically, the Conet Project is a four-cd compilation of recordings of mysterious shortwave radio broadcasts, known as “numbers stations”. These numbers stations are generally believed to be encrypted spy transmissions, but no concrete evidence has ever surfaced proving that supposition. However, no credible *alternate* explanation has ever been demonstrated, either. For years (ever since the start of the Cold War), amateur radio enthusiasts have come across these sinister signals, and they continue to this day, broadcast in many languages all over the world (the theory is that some are CIA, some are KGB, some are Mossad, etc). In general, the transmissions consist of a deadpan voice (sometimes an old man, sometimes a young woman, etc.) reading a seemingly random, meaningless series of numbers over and over. Sometimes the broadcasts are preceded by a musical cue (the “Swedish Rhapsody” music box one being a favorite of ours), and sometimes the numbers are not conveyed by voice but by even more cryptic electronics (as with “The Buzzer”, and other noisy, abstract stuff found mainly on disc four). Needless to say, hearing these collected on these four cds is an unnerving experience. Not only does knowledge of the supposed purpose of these transmissions imbue them with an disturbing quality, but the repetition of the numbers combined with the background of shortwave radio static makes for a aurally hypnotic experience.”

mp3s of the cds can be found here. it gets to be a bit eerie after a while… it’s really freaky when you realize you’ve heard this sort of stuff way way back in the day when you were a little kid and fooled around with this big ‘ol radio your family had that could pick up shortwave signals. o_o;