#1747 – mafia

the quick story: initiation was lots of fun, and (as usual) started late at night and went to early morning… we started at about midnight, and ended around 9 am. would say more except it’s secret.

afterwards i went back home, then i thought to myself about a plan and so i gathered up the appropriate cables and such and checked online to see if compusa had it in stock, and since they did i drove out to glen burnie and was able to trade in my 10 gig (originally 5 gig) ipod for the 15 gig model. they asked me if i wanted to add the compusa tap warranty (which was what that let me upgrade the 5 to a 10), but since i didn’t have enough money i said no thanks. apparently i have 2 weeks to choose to add it if i want. i felt like i was the mafia muscling compusa out of an ipod because of the way i was dressed (pics later) 😛

in any case, i haven’t slept in about 24 hours, so now it’s bedtime for glenn…