#1746 – almost kicked out of the double-t

today after doing all the stuff i did earlier in the day (like classes and stuff), i met up with a bunch of the brothers to do our g & w (growth and welfare) session – we all get together in a room with a big ‘ol candle, and pass it around to whoever wants to speak their mind about whatever in the fraternity to help us improve ourselves, with nothing leaving the room.

but first, i went to the commons to get some eats.

when i was getting my hamburger, right afterwards i bumped into some girls from alpha sigma alpha who said that i had to come with them to play family feud (one of the greek week events), and they had to have 3 girls / 2 guys on each team, and since there was only one other guy down there from my fraternity they wanted me to play. somehow they scrounged up another brother to play while i was on my way down, so i hung out with the lovely ladies of asa and we cheered our team on.

one of the brothers, though, when asked “name something that you get an urge to do often but have to resist?” said “choking the chicken” -_-;;; 😛 i think p.i. week (pre-initiation week… gotta stay solemn, serious, sober, and sexless) is getting to him… ^_^;; sad thing is, since this was ken answering the question, i predicted that he’d say something like that, lol. ^_^;;;;;

after we won a few rounds, the other two brothers and myself went up to the apartment for g & w, and apparently it was a really talkative session (usually it takes 30 minutes for someone to be the first to talk)… it ended up lasting about 3 hours. good times. dave gave chris (my big) a paddle he’s been waiting for 2 years for, lol… guess i had get cracking on one myself, hehe…

afterwards most of us piled into cars and we were going to go to some diner to eat, but turned out that it was already closed (it being after midnight by now and all…). we decided to go to the double-t diner instead, since it was open 24 hours, even though sometimes it’s kinda shady there and the staff is slow.

after one or two chinese firedrills and at least 2 moonings on the way there (^^;;;;), we finally got to the double-t. the place was almost empty except for just a few people scattered around the restaurant, an old man (we later found out was a real off-duty police officer who does this as a night-job) and a rotund manager. we ended up playing “telephone” while we waited for our food, and when we were just finishing up our food some girl from another table behind us (mostly girls and two or three guys) came over to see where we were from. she didn’t believe us when we said we were from umbc, and when we showed her our school id’s she confessed that she was asking us these questions for money and/or drinks (even though she tried to assure us that she was sober, she looked like she had had a few and kept waving her arms at us while saying “i’m sober! really!”). one of the guys from the other table then offered her more money if she would dance on our table, causing three or four guys to push aside a bunch of plates (and subsequently the old-man po-po and the manager took notice in our direction and so we ended up telling the girl no since we had the attention of the entire restaurant by this time). at least she was standing next to me the entire time, so i got a not-so-bad view as consolation! >:D

oh well. it was fun times all around: got to see some cute girls at family feud that i’ve seen around and are apparently in other sororities (hadn’t really seen much of these other sororities other than asa, phi-mu, and a handful of phi-sigs), got to talk about lots of personal feelings between other brothers at g & w, and got pancakes and a cute girl talking with us at our late-night snack. ^_^

all in all, it was a fun night. only a few things could make things even better right now, so i guess you could say life is pretty good. ^-^