#1744 – attraction

ok, so i’m sitting in physics class, and the professor (yes, the one that gives us candy) is talking about masses…

prof: “see, i have mass, and you have mass, and you have mass, and you have mass… we all have mass… now, because you both have mass *points to two guys*, you’re both attracted to each other, and if nothing else was here, then who knows what might happen…”


prof: “oh, dear… that did not come out right at all…”

i also talked with my japanese professor this morning and told her about my trip to japan and she was real interested in that. ^_^ i asked her if it would be worthwhile for me to take japanese 101 again (i got a C in 101 but a D in 102… i know i have to take 102 over to continue on, but didn’t know if it would be necessary to take 101 again as well.) she said that if i were to take 101 again in the fall, that it would just be a waste of money, but if i wanted to i could come in the class several weeks into the semester to sit in and absorb the lectures just to stay on track. she also told me about a class over the summer about modern japanese culture (it’s on “japanese culture including family structure, daily life, regional variations, interpersonal and intercultural communication, education from nursery schools to college, and traditional arts”) that she said that i could take and i might like it and it might help me out as well (since japanese 102 won’t start for another year… it’s only offered in the spring). and, if i were to take this course then i could give a presentation on my trip to japan. ^_^ so i may end up taking that over the summer as well as the precalculus course that i was planning on taking.

now bruno_boy and i are working on figuring out what courses we want to take in the fall… we want to try to take bowling as our phys-ed credit, so we want to be in the same class for that, lol.