#1743 – i don't think i was supposed to sleep last night

i don’t think i was supposed to sleep last night. around 3 i went to bed, but i wasn’t really tired. i was pretty hot, though, so i thought that my bed in the basement would fix things good. turned on the fan i have by my bed too, and that didn’t help. i just couldn’t get comfortable, so i went upstairs and crashed on the couch (next to an open window). i figured the night air might make me sleepy. unfortunately, it didn’t, but eventually sometime after 4 am i fell asleep.

i’m surprised that kelly and dad didn’t wake me up because i was right next to all of kelly’s stuff she had to take to school.

next thing i know, after being asleep about 3 hours (it’s around 7 am), i hear yowling and scratching and snorting right over my head, i jolt awake and find gizmo and gadget fighting over who would get to sit in the window. they run off somewhere else in the house. i try to fall back asleep, and since it’s a lot cooler now because of all the night air, i pull a blanket up over myself, and later gizmo jumps up and curls up next to me.

just after 7 mom calls out to anne to wake up for school. i wake up again. when mom comes down to get stuff ready for anne, i told her why i was sleeping on the couch. fall asleep yet again.

at about 9:15-9:30 i wake up because of more scratching noises. turns out crackers the cat was sitting in the window now and got her claws stuck on the screen. i help her down and put her on the floor. 2 minutes later i hear the same sound. repeat. 2 minutes later i hear the same sound. i wise up to the fact that she’s not going to wise up, and close the window.

i figured by then that i had better get up to start getting ready for class. got to take a shower this morning. i’m still not sleepy, more tired or exhausted you could say. you know when you’re in class and just can’t keep your eyes open. i’m not like that, i feel like i’m wide awake, yet i wouldn’t mind a nap of an hour or three.