#1727 – midget on a stump

i poked around in painter some more tonight, and i made myself look like a 4-year-old drew me as a midget on a stump. ^^;;;

no place to go but up, though. XD;; my coloring skills are decent, though… i took one of shoujonomori‘s pictures and colorized most of it ^_^;

yeah, the multiply feature is my friend XD

so, guess what, webcomic-ers… your pageviews are safe… FOR NOW!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! XDDDD

today wasn’t too bad… did decent on my ifsm exam (it was multiple choice and there were 4 essays – i didn’t get one essay, and messed up on another essay because i thought RAID 0 was mirroring and RAID 1 was striping… turns out it’s other way around… RAID 5 is easy, though)… in physics it was same ‘ol, same ‘ol… hung out with bruno_boy and we went up to his dorm to eat candy and for me to show him prangstgrüp‘s webpage (click “more videos” at the top right and then watch “library musical” XD). ended up skipping out on my programming class for retards since dave and i were having fun downloading songs… i FTP’d into my computer from umbc and we were able to pull stuff off my hard drive XD

played a cross between kickball and baseball (baseball with dodgeballs) at brotherhood dinner, and later came back home. whee…

dentist appointment tomorrow… yay.