#1725 – busy day

guess what i got today?

NO, not “the SARS”… i know all of you who hate my guts and want me dead are disappointed… no, i got me a graphire graphics tablet XD now to practice with it to get decent at it… XD

talked with some of my old coworkers and they say that 4-5 people have been hired since i left, and they’ve all quit or were fired for messing up on the drug test or something. and tonight at my not-so-fraternity meeting (we went to the inner harbor instead) i bumped into two of my old coworkers in hooters, lol.

i got my tuxedo for white rose reserved, met up with lauren (#2) at umbc today and we chatted about a bunch of different stuff, like visiting other countries, and got to meet james brown (not THE james brown, the godfather of soul… not even dematha james brown who does sports announcing on tv… no, this was some guy whose name is james brown but wasn’t either of those two).

i have an exam tomorrow morning… as much as i want to play with my new toy, i guess i ought to study some ^_^;;