#1724 – we don't have a telephone

it took forever to fall asleep last night – i ended up sleeping on the couch in the den since i couldn’t get comfortable in my bed, and i still couldn’t fall asleep until early morning. then mom woke me up on her way out with anne to tell me a message to give her coworker if she called today, and just now i was woken up by a telemarketer 😛

me: “hello?”

telemarkter: “hi! we found out that you’re not a customer with mci anymore!”

me: “oh, but we don’t have a telephone”

telemarkter: “then whose line is this?”

me: “i dunno, since we don’t have a telephone”

telemarkter: “whatever…”

me: *click*

rackum frackum phone solicitors… 😛 you wake me up, you hassle me, you see what happens!