#1723 – paid to see the dentist

just got this email from a fraternity alumni:

Hey all,

Do you have any tooth problems? Any cavities? Needs deep clean? Or you just don’t even remember the last time you visit your dentist? Well, in any case, here is your chance to get your cavities filled not only for free, but GETTING PAID!!!

My friend Paul is graduating from UMAB dental school, and they need patients as follow on May 12th and 13th.

Class3 perio

Class2 analgan

Class3 composite

In plain English, they need people (all age) with cavities to fill ($200-300 value) and people (usually mid-age) with gum problems for deep clean($3,000 value). But again, I am not the dentist here, so if you have any question, please contact:

Paul Chiang

Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx


If any one is interested, UMAB will pay you $25 for the pre-screen visit before the exam day to evaluate and make sure if you are qualified. And each patient will get paid $75 on the exam day as contribution for he/her time.

So, what are you waiting for? Eat more candies, don’t brush your teeth, and let’s all get some money!!!!


too bad i’m getting the rest of mine filled this wednesday, lol…