#1721 – p… p… pick up a… PENGUIN

look at one of the things i got for easter!! XDDD

and look at what they used for the “don’t litter bit on the back”…

so cute… ;_; lol ^_^

anyway, so today mom and anne and myself went to pap-pap’s place in leisure world (i always think that it sounds like an amusement park or something… grandmother and grandaddy also live in leisure world, but i think they were away for the weekend) and went to church there with all my aunts and uncles and cousins on my mom’s side of the family for the memorial service for my grandma (she died back when i was in 8th grade around this time of year, so my grandfather always gets one easter ceremony for a memorial service). afterwards we all stayed at my grandfather’s place and hung out there and did an easter-egg hunt where two of my cousins and myself hid the eggs, and we also tried to do an experiment with a hard-boiled egg where we would peel the shell off an egg and get it in a bottle without breaking the egg. we also fiddled around with scratch-art and since mine had a rainbow background, i made it look like the prism off of the front of the “dark side of the moon” album by pink floyd. my cousin dan and my uncle gary tried out my ipod, and they were really impressed with it and wants one for themselves, hehe. my other uncle steve saw it and showed me his new palm tungsten… that was really nice – i want one… ;_;

went back home afterwards, took a nap for a few hours, chatted with a few people, and now i’m just poking around…

i think tomorrow i’ll clean off my desk and see if my passport is buried under here somewheres… i don’t know where it went to, but i don’t want to lose it or need it to flee the country or something and not be able to find it ~_^