#1715 – to really screw up…

to error is human… to really screw up you need a computer… or maybe a glenn…

you know how i mentioned how my friends set me up with a girl named lauren for my formal, right? well…

(first, a point of reference: on my phone, i can bring up people’s numbers by just typing in their name, and don’t have to necessarily scroll through the address book)

so, anyway, that night i got her number, saved it as “lauren”, and told her i’d give her a call after my meeting. called after my meeting, but all i got was voicemail, so i left a message but she never showed up. and yesterday, i wait all day thinking “maybe she doesn’t check voicemail often”, but no call. i get home that night and a friend of mine messages me: “glenn-sama! >> did u call me earlier? someone called me earlier… i dont know who. they said either brian and glenn”

me: “wasn’t me, i didn’t try to call you”

“n.m then”

today, i decided to call her again… phone rings…


“hi, lauren, this is glenn… i was wondering, would you want to meet in the commons at school today so i could tell you more about this formal and talk with you some more?” ^_^;;

*to someone else* “what are you doing later…?”

guy in background: “working.”


“here, can you call me back, you’re breaking up…”

“ok…” *calls back in 15 minutes, gets voicemail*

so after trying a few times, i got the voicemail every time, so i decided to send a text message to let her know i tried to call back

(point of reference: when sending text messages, you HAVE to scroll through the address book)

*scroll scroll scroll* “lauren… and lauren?? two laurens? oh, great… which one did i call??” *can’t remember*

so i looked at my handspring to see, because i just remembered that i had another friend named lauren, and sure enough her number in the addressbook was the same as the one i called ^_^;;

*text messaged lauren #1* “ack! wrong lauren! guess that was me that called the other day! disregard any previous messages!”

*text messaged lauren #2 who i thought i had called* “thought i called you two days ago but turned out it was another lauren i know! 🙁 sorry!! will try calling again later or call me @ 4432230249”

later i bumped into one of my friends and his girlfriend who’s in the sorority that lauren#2 is planning to join…

“hey, glenn, what’s your screenname? lauren wants it”

*explains everything* “and tell her i’m REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY!!!” ;____;

“ok, will do!”

i was wondering why lauren #1 didn’t sound like lauren #2 on the phone, and why the guy sounded like lauren #1’s boyfriend, and why lauren #1 seemed clueless as to me talking about formal, but i thought it was all just people sounding different on the phone, lol

turns out she thought it was pretty funny, though ^_^;

moral of the story: put people’s full names in address books ;_;