#1713 – stupid bank account

ok, now i’m really confused…

last night my bank account said that it was overdrawn by $160-something dollars, even though it listed more than $1000 as being in there… just now i checked and it said that:

– current amount is $599.65

– total line of credit is $300

– total available is $269.65

now, the total available is supposed to be the current amount + line of credit, so why is that coming out so low? even still, i budgeted all my bills that i had to pay so that once they were all paid i’d still have about $160 in the bank… weird-o weird…

i don’t think i’ll trust my account information online until after all the checks have gone in and things have stabled out some… ^_^;;;

now if we just had a barter system, things would be fine!