#1711 – date for formal

well, i now have a date for formal – it was kinda sprung on me, lol…

but first things first –

didn’t fall asleep on the couch until sometime after 4, and woke up at 9-something when mom started running around the house ‘cos some excersise video she got said to or something. anyway, this meant that when i woke up at 10:15ish i was tired as anything. went to school, hung out with bruno_boy, went to physics, got back my exam in that (91%! now i’ve got a 90% in that class, giving me two “A”s now! ^_^), hung out with dave some more, wrote some limericks on a napkin and left it there with my email address for people who were amazed and astounded to write back, hehe…

there once was a boy named dave

whose soda he’d thought he’d save

until glenn made him hoot

and it went up his snoot

and the hilarity glenn did rave

like plastic tastes these chickens

and they will not my body thickens

instead i just gnaw

on these things quite raw

which truly are slim pickens

(special thanks to bruno_boy)

to physics class i’ll go

and i’ll walk there very slow

for while physics is handy

and the professor gives us candy

with this weather i wish lectures were no mo’

after that i went to my computer programming class, almost fell asleep, then went up to the apartment to hang out and watch rurouni kenshin until brotherhood dinner tonight.

for brotherhood dinner we had a cookout, so we hauled out the lovecouch (it’s really disgusting when you realize what all the graffiti on there is from) and had hot dogs and burgers. while i was eating, some of the brothers came up to me…

brothers: “hey, glenn, do you still need a date for white rose?”

me: “uh, yeah…”

brothers: “c’mere then…”

me: *follows*

brothers: “ok, lauren, this is glenn… glenn, lauren… now TALK!”

me: ^_^;; “what should we talk about??”

brothers: *whisper to lauren* “ask him to formal!”

lauren: “but i don’t have a formal!”

me: “oh, well, in that case, would you want to come to my formal?” ^_^;;

lauren: “sure!” ^_^

and that’s how i got a date for formal. i got her phone number and we sat and talked for the rest of the dinner before i had to go to a meeting, and since everyone was planning on playing dodgeball afterwards she told me to call her after my meeting (i tried, but it went straight to her voicemail, so since dodgeball seemed to have fizzled out i left a message inviting her to hang out at the apartment if she wanted to – didn’t see her again after that, though… oh well ^_^;;;;). she’s pretty nice and very cute ^-^

so after hanging out at the apartment i went on my way home, stopping to get gas since i had just under a quarter of a tank… turned out even though i deposited that check, and online it says that i have over $1000 in the bank, and even after i paid all my bills i’d still have over $150 in my account, my account thought that it was overdrawn (i called up the balance info number when it said i was denied). 😛 i got the rest of the way home without incident, and told dad about it and since he has to use the car tomorrow morning anyway he’ll get gas for it then.

tomorrow i’ll have to research and do a paper for thursday, so even though tomorrow’s class starts at 7 i’ll be going there earlier in the day…