#1710 – epsilon

so we had our fraternity meeting today, and they ended up electing me epsilon (social chair) – yay! now what do i do? hehe ^_^; i was running against an am we have… i think that my victory was due to:

– wearing a shirt that said “POWER CORRUPTS. (But ABSOLUTE POWER is kinda neat.)” that some guys thought was funny

– having a bunch of contact information of almost half our entire chapter (actives AND alumni) on hand

– having 4 phi-sigs freak-dance me at once at one of my first times i went clubbing with some of the guys

(that last one has become a running joke… one of the guys told me later “i knew when i saw you freak-dancing with 4 phi-sigs at once that you were destined for greatness”. and now each time it comes up in conversation i increase the number – the other day talking with my big it increased to 5, during my speech before the other people debated it started at 6, and the next time it was mentioned it was 7, and at the end of the speech it was up to 8, hehe)

we’ve got initiation in like, 2 weeks. o_o;

after the meeting i signed up for advising for my fall schedule, and on the way home i mailed my taxes and my grandfather’s birthday card (his birthday is on wednesday) – since he likes to golf, i got him this card that says “all golfers want a good lie… how about ‘you don’t look a day over 25’?” XD

ok, i had better get to bed (and by “bed” i mean “the couch” so i don’t oversleep) since i’ve got class in the morning. ^_^;;