#1709 – run away with the circus

i just got a call from adecco (more like a recorded message, though 😛 what’s up with all these places using recordings to telemarket with lately? annoying.) saying that they have a position open for me working with cirque de soleil at fells point in baltimore o_o; i have no idea what they want people like me to do, and i won’t find out because i won’t be calling them back up about it since i’d have to be able to work for three weeks and flexible with my hours – i’d have to be able to work any shift between 10 am and midnight. but, with school right now, that’s next to impossible.

once i get my job at the bookstore and the schedule for that i may tell adecco what hours i could work then, because once i finish this semester (and get a “c” or better in my courses) and work 120 hours for adecco afterwards, then i’ll get paid up to $400 for tuition reimbursement. not too bad.