#1707 – can't wait to work

i can’t wait until i can get a hold of the “ah! my goddess” movie from zenmetsu so i can use it to make a music video to it (dan and stu already made music videos using songs from to the movie, so now it’s my turn XD).

we figured that we’re using music nobody’s really heard of, and if it helps promote whoever made the song then great. ^_^ for my video, i’m planning on using “cast away” by niki barr. what’s interesting is she’s actually the niece of one of my fraternity brothers, so he told me all about her. i looked up some of her stuff and i really like the music, and this song fits the movie pretty well from what i can tell, lol.

it’s going to be weird doing a video to an unreleased song. i kind of wish that it was out on cd so i could have a better quality source to work with, but oh well…