#1704 – a damn-long post: fraternity stuff / welcome day / eastpoint

i wanted to go to – i ended up typing in and going to by accident instead and was confused when the site loaded why it wasn’t

anyway. it’s long and long-winded, so i’ll lj-cut it.

so yesterday i went with my fraternity brother matt (we call him “jar-jar” since his last name is “jarjoura”, and we’ve got a handful of other matts. :P) to see some brothers at george washington university and see their ritual. afterwards we went back to the apartment so i could crash there on a couch and help him and a few other brothers at the new student day today. we had a table set up in the athletic center and passed out flyers and talked to people about the fraternity, and also got 2 guys to sign our address sheet so we could contact them about other events. once that closed down, we moved to the commons and set up our stuff there and checked out the incoming freshmen girls (just need to remember who’s who in the fall XD) and talked to another few guys there and answered questions from parents (mostly stuff like “where’s the bathrooms?” / “where’s the bookstore?” / “how do you get to the dining hall?”). two meathead guys with unkempt hair and stains on their shirts showed up and started talking to us and said “so, uh, what do you guys do besides drink all the time?” -_-;; when we said to him “what do you mean?”, he replied “do you guys, like, blow shit up?” that’s when i pointed out about how we were doing paintball in about two weeks, figuring if they want to “blow shit up” then they’d probably like coming out for that, lol. we need the people, though, but these guys… i dunno… i didn’t get a good feeling from them… i didn’t really care for them. ^^;; but, as i said, we can always use more guys.

afterwards, zenmetsu and his brother dave (now known as “sharkey” to distinguish him from the zillion other daves we know) and bruno_boy and yimmer and i got eats in the commons, filled out dave’s and peter’s housing forms and checked out different apartments around campus. we dropped in the fraternity’s apartment so i could pick up my stuff i had left there, but nobody else was there. so, i showed them basically what the apartments other than the bedrooms looks like, and introduced them to the tapeball – “sharkey” was very impressed by that. XD when that was done, we went off to eastpoint mall to do some ddr (not before getting lost in baltimore – i really hope to “Keep 2003 Hobo-Free” (as amusing as meeting a freestyling hobo was, running into an crazy old man who tried to get us to come with him to smoke up and buy liquor wasn’t that great ^^;), so escapades like that ought to be kept to a minimum. in any case, we weren’t mobbed by greasy hobo gangs trying to jump in the car to steal us away for rape and ransom, so i guess it was good times all around.

i doubt i’ll go to eastpoint mall again… it’s not really worth it to play ddr there anymore. first off, the entire mall isn’t that great… rather on the low-rent side of the scale. we went to the arcade we usually go to to play, but that place was packed. there were tons of people around the ddr machine (you had to sign a sign-up sheet to play)… while i like a small crowd around when i play, this was just ridiculous. even if there wasn’t a sign-up sheet, i wouldn’t have wanted to play with the way people were all standing around. 😛 so i just played a few other games and pete and i went with dave to try to find someplace where he could get some pictures developed at instead.

later, though, we checked out this laser-tag place in the basement of this mall that had a ddr max2 machine, and this place’s arcade was pretty empty. so, we got our ddr on and played a few other games. i got hot from playing ddr after a while so i went up to the foodcourt and got a soda from chick-fil-a (free refills on their drinks! see what you learn from working in a mall?) and brought that back down and played a few more games. at one part dan and “sharkey” went to sit down on these chairs across the room in this little alcove (where the lights were out and it certainly was not being used), and we were standing by them for not even 3 minutes when suddenly this guy that works for the place comes running toward us with a broom in one hand and a dustpan in the other, yelling “HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!” in a not-at-all fat-albert-y way. we stand up and the guy rushed in there – we figured that they were going to clean up the area or something, but after 10 seconds we saw that they had turned a table on its side and put two chairs across the opening to this alcove so you couldn’t get in, and taped two signs on the table basically saying “DO NOT ENTER!”. >.>;; i was pissed about that (not so much the fact that they closed off the seats, but that the guy was one of the most uncourteous workers i had ever had the misfortune to meet. now, i don’t ask much, but if people are just sitting down (even when i worked as a greeter and someone sat in a chair that had been brought out for someone else, who had already left the premises), i certainly never ran up to them shouting at them. even if i did have to close something up right away, i always said my “excuse me”s and “sorry”s and explained what was going on and so on to the affected customers. so, since pete was getting hungry and wanted to go out to eat, and after that scene of rudeness toward my friends i certainly did not want to spend any more of my money playing their arcades, i said that we should probably go out to eat and leave that crappy arcade. i knew that playing ddr with no line at all was too good to be true. 😛 so i glared at the discourteous worker and another worker who were behind the front desk on the way out. i had half a mind to ask to speak to the manager, but i was too irritated and just wanted to get out of there.

we went to wendy’s to eat (probably one of the least eventful trips to wendy’s… usually they end up shortchanging us and not knowing math skills, or they majorly screw up someone’s order, or something similar). good for me all i got was a 5-piece chicken nugget box so there wasn’t really that could be screwed up with mine. headed back to umbc after that (took a more straightforward route through baltimore this time!) and hung out at pete’s place playing videogames before coming back here to get a little bit of work done and watch some red dwarf and dr who on tv.

tomorrow, reaver_of_rolls and myself are trying to contact _dream_believer and bruno_boy to see if they (and anyone else) might want to go out to the movies or something. this’ll give me a chance to show william these wesley willis mp3s i had told him about (i actually sang “i whupped batman’s ass”) to demonstrate, and he liked it so much he gave me a candy bar – he took it back when i forgot it at david’s place, but no matter as i like all types of candy, but kit-kats aren’t my favorite, hehe.