#1700 – chaplin's seventeen-hundred quantum breweries

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today in physics we learned about niels bohr, and quantum mechanics, and that bohr created an institute for studying physics in copenhagen, denmark, and this institute was sponsored by the carlsberg brewery!

anyway, so we learned that in class… did other school stuff at school today too… tomorrow i’m meeting up with a fraternity brother or two and going to an initiation down at george washington university, and on saturday i’m helping out at new student day.

bruno_boy and myself were talking about different actors (specifically, charlie chaplin – to be precise, how he isn’t living anymore – and patrick stewart), and dave was saying how patrick stewart does lots of work in film and theater…

me: “probably even radio, too…”

dave: “he’s sure got his bases covered…”

me: “yeah… as for charlie chaplin, well, he’s instead covered by bases.”


that’s about all that’s spectacular that happened today. bedtimes now.