#1696 – dreams

in the past week i dreamt twice about making anime music videos (don’t remember what anime i was using in last night’s dream… i think the song was a beatles song and i had “Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End” stuck in my head when i woke up, but the other day it was “bad case of loving you” by robert palmer set to golden boy, lol).

last night i also dreamt that my fraternity brothers all piled into three cars and drove into a mall to see a wedding… weird… other stuff happened but i don’t remember…

and a few days ago i dreamt that i was back in akihabara in tokyo, in a combination electronics/convience store and steakhouse run by john goodman. it was in a little corner of a floor in a building and there were cabinets with lots of cameras, stools and a table in the back, a counter with a register and red bins to the left of that where i helped some girl find little individual packets of “sugar in the raw” to buy. john goodman was behind the counter and kept laughing.