#1686 – confidence and paranoia

the asa social was pretty good… talked with several girls (some of them remembered me from the other day). had fun with the brothers. etc etc.

one of the high points of the night was when we played “ice ice baby” and everyone started singing and dancing to it, lol.

good news: traded aim names with a really cute girl ^_^ and she’s single!

bad news: so did about 4 other guys. 😛 and she’s 21 and basically told me that things wouldn’t work out because i’m not. (only a little over 3 months, though! ;_;) ^^;;; and she seems to be interested in one guy who later complained that he already has a girlfriend (i told him that he could always steer her in my direction, i wouldn’t mind). and she’s graduating in about a month.

(as a few guys and myself noted as we were cleaning up, why do girls seem to only be interested in guys who are already taken? and guys who are available and looking never get noticed?)

other than that, she was pretty cool and taught me some (drinking) card games, and we talked for a bit.

if this post ended here, i might have used the “ladies’ man” icon. but…

why do i always feel that i’m the least noticed person in any social gathering? and also the most forgettable?

in some instances that could be a good thing, depending on the characters there, yes… but… i dunno… i always feel that the people i meet and talk to don’t give me another thought as soon as they walk out the door. i know that’s not necessarily true (kathy from asa, she remembered me from getting my picture taken the other day… she introduced herself to me and told me to “say hello to the ladies” when i saw them on wednesday), but when i go to a social or something, and try to start a conversation with someone, the conversation usually dies shortly after it starts. and nobody ever seems to be rushing to start to talk to me, either.

i hate feeling like this. ;_;

in any case, i need to find a date for white rose. dunno who. ;_; ^^;;