#1683 – roy rogers' boots

roy rogers just bought a new pair of boots. he comes home all proud of his new boots, but since they’re now very dusty after a long day riding the range, mrs rogers has him leave his boots on the back porch so he doesn’t track dirt onto the kitchen floor which she just happened to finish washing. they have their dinner, and soon retire to bed.

the next morning, roy gets up and goes to put on his boots. however, he sees that his boots are now all chewed up and torn apart and there are panther tracks near the porch. roy decides to call in his posse to find out where this panther lives so they can catch it and bring it back. of course, since he can’t go riding without wearing boots, roy stays back at his ranch while the posse goes out to search.

several hours later, the posse returns, and they have the panther with them, all trussed and tied up in rope! the leader of the posse rides up to the back porch, and when roy comes out to see their catch, the leader of the posse says…

(in a rather sing-song voice, mind you)

“pardon me, roy, is this the cat that chewed your new shoes?”