#1682 – taking from myself to pay me back


how to fix short term money problems until i get my job in may: take a loan against myself!

see, i had a bunch of money taken from my paychecks several months ago placed into this other account. well, you can’t withdraw money from the account, but you can take it out as a loan (it’s supposed to be for retirement). i can only take out half of the money i put in as a general-purpose loan, but it’s more than plenty. i would have taken less, but it wouldn’t let me.

so, i take from this (they send out a check), pay my current bills that i can’t really pay because of no current job, pay this back as i get my new job back, and not only do i fix my short-term problems, but the money i borrowed goes back into my retirement account! yay! only thing is i have to pay interest on the loan, but that’s to be expected. besides, there’s no penalty for paying it back in full before the payment term is up, so that’s a way to save on interest too.

now they just need to approve the loan… ^_^; dunno why they wouldn’t, but… *crosses fingers*