#1681 – local boy makes good

sheeeeit, yo. O_O

from an email with my fraternity’s rho (alumni officer) (links added by me):


I guess you want a brief UPDATE.

Okay, recent activity in my life has been slowed due to a fractured, dislocated shoulder. I have been rehabbing it for the last four months. Did a great deal of damage sliding into home plate at a charity event. The ex-pro catcher came down on my outreached arm with all 260 pounds of muscle and SNAP!

On the business front I have teamed up with The owner, editor and publisher of Cemetery Dance and started a production company, CHESAPEAKE FILMS. We are in the works to make a horror film with TRILOGYand also have adapted a book called POKER CLUB that we hope to filming sometime next year.

I’ve been acting out here for 12 years and the most recent stuff is I have a film called JUDAS coming out on ABC where I play the life of Judas Iscariot the betrayer. We should be seeing that around EASTER this year.

Also coming out in the near future KISS THE BRIDE a funny comedy starring myself and AMANDA DETMER. A winner of best film in three film festivals.

I’m starting to sound like a press kit. Changing my representation to the GERSH agency.

Still happily married to my wife of little over a year. I have three God children, Garret,Madison, and JOSH..

xxx-xxx-xxxx [x’d out by me – glenn] is my number. and I hope you have want your looking for …

please feel free to call..

thanks for thinking of me and good luck with everything


one of my fraternity brothers from my chapter here at umbc is married to christina applegate?? AND a movie star? o_o

damn! ^_^