#1680 – nice day

today was a nice day outside… if it’s like this on saturday, i cannot complain. ^_^

in any case, classes were fine today…

– talked about RAID arrays in my ifsm hardware & software concepts class, and i sent an email to my professor about a floppy drive RAID array that was funny to read about

– hung out with bruno_boy and zenmetsu outside of the commons

– bought a bag of popcorn and a soda and brought them into my physics lecture since we were watching a movie about the big bang… what’s a movie without snacks?? the movie even had stephen hawking in it (pre-robot-voice, so he had a guy translating what he was saying). i showed my fraternity brothers i have that class with the mc hawking webpage.

– hung out in the fraternity apartment reading magazines for a while until my next class

– watched my professor of my computer programming course fiddle with the projector since someone broke the pc in the lecture hall

– hung out again at the apartment until 7:45 (we were supposed to meet at 7 to start figuring out plans for our chariot – one of the events for greek week is a chariot race, pulled by two people and i want to be the one to ride in it – but the guy in charge didn’t show up, and another guy had to go to some practice)

i got home and see i got a letter from the aa county board of elections saying that i need to change my political affiliation because the libertarian party isn’t recognized in maryland anymore (we didn’t get enough votes last election :P)… i can still list myself as libertarian, but it will show up in the voter registration stuff as “other”. 😛

now i’m watching people yell at each other on tv on “hannity & colmes” on fox news and poke holes in this lady’s argument about the american flag being provocative – this cracks me up for some reason XD