#1677 – take me down to paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

there are advantages to being late sometimes. like today, for instance.

see, i wasn’t really late to my picture-taking because it was going on all day. so i left the house at about 3:30, got to campus at 4, and went to get my picture taken. i saw a bunch of girls in there chatting with each other, and when i stepped in the room this guy at a computer asked me who i was. when i told him my name and said i was with lambda chi alpha, the girls all looked at me and said “lambda chi alpha? we have a social with you on friday!”

so that’s how i got to meet the lovely ladies of alpha sigma alpha and feel like a total casanova – they helped me in picking out what picture to use for me in the composite, hehehehe… ^-^

the weather today KICKED ASS. 72° F. i love spring. especially when it’s all nice and warm and not rainy. it’s supposed to maybe rain some this saturday when i plan on going to see the cherry blossoms… guess i’ll wear my hat, then.

i wish i could find someplace where the weather was like this year-round. i would SO move there on a moment’s notice.

which brings me to another thing… i’ve been in dozens of cities, and i love stuff about almost every one. i don’t know which would be the coolest place to live, hehe…