#1676 – what are the odds?

that was the equivalent of praying for the school to burn down just before a test you haven’t studied for… and getting your wish. and then getting a 105% on the exam when they make you take it outside of the school building anyways.

ok, so we’re having our composite pictures taken today for the fraternity (individual pictures, all put together in a nice layout). it was supposed to go from 11 am – 12:30 pm or something like that… i woke up at 11:30 and rushed out the door (trying to think of a good excuse, haha ^^;) as i’m zooming down route 50. and then i see it.

massive traffic jam. and not just any traffic jam. oh no. this was a traffic jam where highway workers had closed off all of route 97 north with orange traffic cones and an electronic blinking arrow. so i get on to 50, continue on to the next exit, turn around, and see the exact same thing at another exit to 97 north. (it seemed that traffic on 97 south was going as normal.)

i go home – figuring that i won’t be able to make the composite – and i check the traffic online to see what was up and tell a few of my fraternity brothers about the closure. that’s when they had news for me…

apparently the people taking pictures are going to be there all day!

now the road’s cleared, but online it says that there’s major traffic delays because this is such a busy junction. so, i’ll wait a bit, and i should get to school and have no problems with my picture being taken, and i haven’t missed any class (today’s my late class… 7 pm – 9:45 pm… yay :P)!