#1670 – commit haiku

last night shoujonomori and myself had a big conversation… IN HAIKU FORM!!!

(things in italic are things tina said, things in regular text are my posts)

tina: it’s the ultimate form of communication ;-;

of course it is, ne?

these haikus are so much fun

and challenging too

it is not so hard!

i love to make up haikus


for a good time, hm?

just beware of the vice squad!

unless you like ‘cuffs…? ^^;

I do not know, man!

afterall, I’m just a girl!


naughty jokes – timeless:

end of war, general lee

says “my dixie wrecked!”

lees wang got broken!?

oh god, that is such a shame!

how will he pee now!?

no viagra – none!

at all! but somehow they say:

“south will rise again!”

the south is done for.

viagra is for old men!

who lost wiggly sperms. XD

perhaps that is so –

i think horse-riding to blame

for them “shooting blanks”!

napolean had-

a condition from riding

too much on his horse!

silly french! friend once

read: “c’est la vie, c’est la guerre,

c’est un pomme de terre.”

(seen on a wall once)

translation: “that’s life, that’s war,

that’s a potato.”

mm, potatoes, yum!

life can be harsh, yes it can

but always look up ;D

that is good advice

so is eating your greens, and

not playing in street!

in the street is where

i will learn to crash a nice

bigass ambulance! XD

for a moment i

thought you said “catch” and not “crash”!

reading skills are good.

i was able to

read big books when I was in

my nursery school!

i know that I have

very good reading skills, yes

death chan icon, ooh!

hooray for death-chan!

i am horny just like her! XD

but no wings for me ;_;

ha, that is funny!

death chan has a tragic past

she was once human ;-;

she needs therapy

or maybe medication?

a doctor i’m not

she needs good lovin’

from a horny demon boy

else, she will be sad ;_;

poor death-chan… so sad!

why not find her a nice beau

in the personals?

in her distant world

she does not trust anyone

though she will fuck guys

she does not love them!

they are merely toys to her

her anger is large.

“single white demon

girl seeking horned demon male –

and no goth poseurs!”


falls onto the floor laughing

at witty haiku!

anger management!

tell her to count to ten, or

carry a stress ball!

stress ball will pop due

to her long, demonic nails

cursed is she, death chan ;-:

sounds like death-chan could

use a manicure to look

very nice for prom!

she does not go to

the prom! if she does then she

will eat everyone.

oh well! no need for

there to be chaperones, then!

yay for cost-cutting!

i am so hungry

perhaps I shall fetch a glass

of milk and cookies

okey-doke – and i

had better be going to

bed now too, g’night! ^_^

good night to you, yes

be sure to dream of death chan

and her horniness!

aye, cap’n! will do!

i really ought to make a

death-chan plushie, ne? XD

yes you really should!

and ask if you could have IN–


i really want it

oh yes I do ;-; i would love

to put him upstairs.

i’ll see what i can

do – “for a friend”, i’ll tell ’em…

see if they’ll believe ~_^

i really hope so!

and if you must pay for it

reimbursement, yes!

will keep that in mind!

but don’t know how i’ll ship him! ;_;

oh well… now good night ^_^

have a good night now!

See you tomorrow perhaps

ho ho, night night, yay!

peep my “away” text

it is funny to THE MAXX!!

lots of fun ensues!

wow, you are clever!

such a cute message that is!

good night once again!

a haiku for you:

a sleeping glenn is me, see?

*sound of sawing logs*