#1663 – where the men are men and the women are too

yesterday stueypark and bruno_boy and zenmetsu and _dream_believer and william and myself met up and went to hagerstown to try out a ddr extreme (8th mix) machine that dan had found online.

the game was great… the area, however, left a LOT to be desired. for example: the machine was in this place called “playland usa” which was basically a crappy ripoff chuck-e-cheeze. basically a place for people to have kids’ birthday parties on the weekend… even had a big sign in the window that said “NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK EXCEPT BIRTHDAY CAKE AND ICE CREAM!”

we almost didn’t want to go in at first because there was a painting of a clown outside. we made dan go in first, muhaha.

as i said before, the game was pretty good… it was in the back of the place, though, but it had plastic lawnchairs next to it to sit in while waiting for your turn, two fans set up on the machine pointed at the pad to keep whoever was playing cool, colored lights mounted on the ceiling and pointed at the machine to liven up the scene, and even hooks on the wall next to the machine to hang up your jacket while you played too, lol.

unfortunately when we were trying to make our way back home, dan’s oil light came on… so we pulled to the side of the road (good thing we took two cars total) and put oil in. then shortly after that, the engine just quit so we pulled into a bank parking lot and tried to diagnose what went wrong. we thought we had it fixed when dan was able to drive it around the lot a few times, but then it quit again. we ended up calling AAA to tow the car back to a gas station by dan’s place (he and stu rode with the car in the tow truck), and the rest of us went back to dan’s place. (dan just told me online right now that it’s the fuel pump that bust)

i don’t think i’ll be going back to hagerstown anytime soon… it’s over an hour away (and that’s beside the fact that it’s not the sort of place that appeals to me). the people and places that i saw there just seemed… well, cruddy. 😛

i set up the tv and playstation and the stereo in the living room so the tv uses the stereo speakers instead of its own… now when we watch tv it comes out of these slightly better speakers and system. it’s great for ddr now because it sounds much much better. ^_^ too bad my pad’s up arrow doesn’t work all the time… hm.

i think i’ll watch some of my anime. or do something. *shrug*