#1661 – getting personal(s) yet not

i was bored, so i fiddled around with the personals on yahoo,, and (of course) livejournal

found some cute girls, and a few HAWT CHIX, but of course everyplace (except for lj, of course, but that really isn’t comprehensive at all, and it doesn’t have any way to search for a region… and when i tell it to show results for baltimore since it’s a big city all i get is just one guy who’s listed his info as “female seeking male” :P) wants you to pay $25 just to say hi. sheesh.

not that i really care (meeting people through a personals service! ha! ha! how seemingly un-shady!), but still… i guess i’m too shy to just up and try to pick up girls i meet… ^^;

why do some things have to be so damn hard for me to do? ^^;;;

and i almost said “girls i meat”… ^_^;;; maybe this entry called for the use of the freud icon? ^_^;;;