#1659 – almost unemployed

at work today some girl came in for an interview. after the interview, the other greeter that was working with me went to the manager (mark) and was talking with him about the interview, and then he told me that the mark thinks that he’s found the replacement for me. so i talked with mark myself to see if that was true, and he said that yeah, he thinks he’s found my replacement, but first he had to check with the manager at our kiosk (troy) who makes the greeter schedule and then contact adecco about it.

after i got off of work, my friend kristina who works at our kiosk gave me a call to give me a heads up and let me know that mark did tell troy to add the person who interviewed today to the schedule for friday. that’s the next day that i’m scheduled for. ;_;

since kristina gave me that call after 5, that’s after adecco closes, so they haven’t been able to call me with any info. but i think tomorrow i’ll be finding out that i won’t need to come in to work on friday, or i’ll go in to work on friday and be sent home or something…

on the plus side: i’ll finally get some free time outside of school ^_^;

on the minus side: i wish that this happened at a time when i didn’t have crazy bills to pay. ;_;