#1657 – maboo said "heliotrope", lol

stueypark and bruno_boy and myself went to ocean city today to visit yimmer who was staying there for a few days over spring break with his girlfriend rené. so we went to visit.

we all tried to go do go-karts, but there wasn’t any go-kart place open. so we settled for mini golf instead (i love mini golf). on one of the holes i ended up with a score of 1.5 strokes (i hit my ball, and pete hit my ball into the hole with his ball, so since i hadn’t taken my 2nd turn yet and the ball ended in the hole we figured i should get a 1.5, hehehehe…

this pic is from the back of the menu where there were little games and puzzles and stuff… i HAD to take a picture of it, because i liked it (there’s a cat! and there’s me!) and they spelled my name CORRECTLY!!! yay!

man am i tired… x_x; gotta work tomorrow morning…