#1648 – bored pix

bruno_boy and i were bored today at school, so we took pictures of each other ^_^

i was late to my first class… ;_; which was bad because it was exam day in my first class (class runs from 11:30 to 12:45). i woke up at 11, got out of the house at 11:10, and got to school and to class just before noon. ^^;; at first i thought i did really well, answered the 9 problems i saw on the page without too much difficulty, but then when i turned the page to make sure there wasn’t anything on that… and realized there was another 10 problems to do and only 15 minutes left. ;_; i was able to answer a few on the other side, but with less than 5 minutes left and unable to figure anything else out i handed it in. ;_; my professor (who’s also my advisor) asked me if i had enough time, and when i said no he asked if i wanted another 5 – 10 minutes, but i said “no, thanks, i can’t think any more… ^^;;;”

there were some people protesting the war in the commons today. it was more like a public nusiance, though, as there were only about 6 people there. i agree with dave about that.

iraq says they don’t have any scuds, and still manage to fire some? hm. seems shady to me.

and after dinner somehow gizmo got up in a cabinet in the bathroom… don’t know how he did that by himself, as the bottom of that cabinet is at least 4 feet off the ground o_o;; but then again, he seems to get himself stuck in some of the oddest places… ^_^;;