#1638 – burned out (me, the car, my shoes, my bank account)

i’m feeling kinda burned out… i’ve worked or had school every day since last monday (worked 39 hours this past week), and it’ll continue the same way until this coming weekend when i finally get two days off. and i’m starting to really not give a rat’s ass about my job – at least, i’m not working as well as i had in the past. what worries me is i can really notice it myself. i guess that’s because of my being replaced. i don’t like it because i asked my manager if he could write a letter of recommendation for me, and i don’t want to be slacking off when he’s going to be writing this. ^^;;

another thing that makes this whole work-for-two-weeks-straight thing suck is that the past few days the weather has been just perfect, and i have been stuck inside this whole time. ;_; if it rains next weekend, i am going to be pissed.

if i didn’t have to work today, i probably would have just got in the car and drove around with the windows down and my ipod mixing up my favorite music, and would have just driven around to see where i end up. only problem with that is i could imagine myself getting on 95 N and ending up in new york city to find the exhibit about einstein, and not knowing where to leave the car. ^_^;; i could find my way around no problem on foot (yay for metro, a program that tells you how to get from one subway/bus/train station to another!)… it’s just making a transition from car to foot would be the problem.

speaking of feet and cars, i need to get a new pair of boots sometimes – i’ve had this pair about 3 years, and the sole has several holes actually worn into it, and the sole is coming loose at another part, and the stitching on one side is gone. and speaking of cars, when i drove home from umbc today either:

1) my right leg was feeling really weak

2) the brake in the saturn is getting soft

3) there’s suddenly a 4th pedal (a 2nd brake pedal that doesn’t do anything) that’s been installed secretly

4) i drove home from umbc with the emergency brake on all the way ^^;;

my guess is either on 2 or 4. it was weird, though… i can’t really describe it… i thought i was pressing the brake, and sometimes it worked, sometimes the pedal seemed like it had to go down to the floor to work, and sometimes it seemed like it would only work if i moved my leg to the left one position (when i thought that my foot was already on the brake) and pressed. maybe the brakepads are getting soft? in any case, i’m leaving early for work tomorrow to see how it’s doing, and to also talk to adecco about having them start to find me a new job.

i’m wondering, though, with all this work i’ve been doing, maybe i’ll take a week off of work after i get the boot… at least then i’d get some time with nothing important to do besides school. while i don’t really want to be given the boot, if i get the boot just before spring break then that’ll rock because then i won’t have anything important to do for the week at all. the only question is if my finances can handle that break.

(i checked my umbc payment balance and from what i can tell i owe them $771.61 😛 even though i had just finished sending in all of my tuition payments – yeah, so the last one was a few days late and they ended up charging a $150 late fee, but i had to get my paycheck before i could send it in. i don’t know where that other $621.61 came from, though. -_-;; my payment was just recieved and cashed late last week, so maybe it’s not in the system yet? i just hope that they’ll send me housing application stuff so i can apply to live on campus in the fall before the application deadline. guess that’s something i’ll have to investigate on tuesday when dan, dave, pete, and i all meet to figure out what we’re doing for housing…)