#1636 – black heaven

i think i’m going to try to cosplay as the guy from “black heaven” for otakon… his name escapes me right now. hm. XD

went to my seminar this morning, and listened to some bigwig from xerox talk. at least i got free bagels for breakfast. afterwards i took a nap at home because i only had 3-4 hours of sleep. ^^;;

went to work at the kiosk today and my coworkers there were pissed that i’m being given the boot. kristina said that when mark the manager told them about it, and tracey and emeka the temps were there too, tracey started crying because she’s got to support 2 kids and she’s set her life around this job. ^^;; so now we’ve got left…

me: as soon as they find a replacement

tracey: ~2 months

emeka: ~4 months

jeremy: 6 months

nobody i work with likes this at all since they can’t stand jeremy… he doesn’t really do much work from what i’ve heard, and they all say they’re going to miss me. aww…

i chatted with bruno_boy and shoujonomori earlier today, and dave figured that the good thing about me losing this job and picking up the job at the bookstore on campus is if i can keep the bookstore job going over the summer and into the fall, i can work there when school starts back up and i won’t have to commute to work (since i want to live on campus and all in the fall) ^_^;

i set up an appointment for me to get my hair cut next friday. yay ^^ i can really use a haircut… ^_^;;

updated and made a post to , and now it’s time for bed ^_^;