#1633 – my days are numbered

my days are numbered… guess it’s time to start looking for a new job.

it’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just company policy changing. 😛

see, my manager pulled me aside today to tell me that he just found out that the way they hire temps is changing, and they’ll only be keeping temps up to 6 months before getting a replacement temp. and since i’ve been here about a year and 6 months, they’re going to have to find a replacement for me. my manager says that he wished he could keep me, and that i had some really valuable expertise, so he said to keep an eye out for position openings.

i figured that something like this would happen sooner or later. i had read something on the company intranet about how temps could be kept for up to two years. guess they decided to change that. ^^;;

i’m not really surprised. well, i am surprised, but i figure there’s nothing really to be done about it. i don’t think many people at work know (probably just the managers, and the customer service rep that has to find a replacement for me from adecco).

adecco could probably find me another job… but i also remember seeing something in an email about a job on campus (my old job i had on campus selling computers, in fact). i think i may look into investigating that, since the manager i had for that really liked me and would have hired me back at the beginning of school last semester if he had a position for me, and also considering how adecco has treated me sometimes…