#1632 – liberty cabbage

i don’t see why people are making such a big fuss about calling “french fries” freedom fries. it’s not like it hasn’t been done before – i thought i remembered seeing something before about how during world war i and world war ii they changed things like:

sauerkraut -> “liberty cabbage”

hamburger -> “liberty steak” / “salisbury steak”

i searched around for a good source that described all this and actually found it mentioned in a newsitem on cnn

had an exam in physics today, and i think i did really well. at least a B. i also practially was asleep during my computer programming class and yet i was not only still able to answer questions, but i answered them correctly. and this was stuff that we hadn’t covered yet in class. 😛

had brotherhood dinner, had a meeting after that, and

i did some new drawings on my handspring today ^_^ the first one i did a few weeks ago, and the second one i did just today… not bad for sketches on a 2-bit black ‘n white display handspring! ^-^





hmm… “the adventures of guy and spy”… that might make for a funny little sidecomic ^^