#1627 – whoops

i feel so stupid… i set up my email this morning before leaving home to

forward all my email messages to my cellphone so i could read them as text

messages. unfortunately, all i get to see of the emails looks like this:

Message from:

(Fwd:) Begin forwarded message:

< From: mariob1 <>

< Date: Mon Mar 10, 2003 11:26:44 AM US/Eastern

< To: Glenn Fitzpatrick <gfitz

rrrrgh. i don’t even get to see the full headers of the email (let alone the

actual MESSAGE!). ^^;; stupid 160 character limit. 😛 i guess all this

really does is let me know that i’ve recieved an email, and tell me

who it’s from and what it’s about, but what they actually say i can’t

see… grr.

so this’ll go on all day long about every 5 minutes (depending how often i

get email at my home computer) until i get off of work at 9:30… yay

open-to-close schedule 😛